The Scotsman® Under-Counter Cube Ice Maker, 150 lbs., makes it easy to keep beverages cool. It's great for use in a variety of settings, including restaurants and bars.

Why Use the Scotsman Under-Counter Cube Ice Maker?

This under-counter ice maker is part of Scotsman's Prodigy line. It features next-gen smart technology and is energy-efficient for improved performance. With a state-of-the-art self-monitoring system, this ice maker machine will provide you with up-to-the-minute reporting on the unit's production and maintenance needs. The Prodigy even comes with Auto-Alert™ exterior indicator lights that will frequently communicate the machine's current status.

Is the Scotsman Under-Counter Cube Ice Maker Simple to Clean?

For maximum reliability, this ice maker machine reduces scale buildup to give you a longer period of time between cleanings. It implements adaptive purge control by detecting and purging hard water. This under-counter ice maker features a freeze cycle that doesn't utilize all of the water for making ice. It conveniently drains inapt water at every ice-making cycle, extending the time between required cleanings and decreasing the build-up of scale. This ice cube maker will also regularly transmit the operating status and signal to staff when it's time to sanitize, descale and more.

Energy-Efficient and Space-Saving Design

The Scotsman Under-Counter Cube Ice Maker is designed to use considerably less water and energy than traditional ice machines. This allows it to exceed Federal and California energy efficiency regulations by up to 15-percent. The under-counter ice maker provided you with a durable and convenient, space-saving design that can be placed just about anywhere you need ice. Since it's compact and sleek, this unit is great for bars and restaurants.

Other Features

With an 80 lb. bin capacity, the under-counter design of this Scotsman unit makes it easy to reach freshly made ice. It allows you to program the level of the frozen cubes for up to seven days. This ice maker machine has a removable door and top panel that gives you access to all of its internal components for hassle-free maintenance. The ice level controller will also provide the right amount of ice to the bin for increased efficiency.

Delivery includes Loading Dock to Loading Dock or Curbside Delivery only. Delivery does not include Inside Delivery or Set in Place.

Not for residential use. Shipped to commercial addresses only. Consult a licensed professional for proper installation.

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