The Scotsman® Prodigy™ Modular Cube Ice Machine, 500 lbs., makes it simple to keep beverages cold. It's ideal for use in an array of businesses.

About Scotsman

A leading manufacturer of commercial ice machines, Scotsman is committed to quality and performance. It offers a range of cube form choices to meet customer needs. This global company also believes in food safety with systems that inhibit microbes for cleaner machines and promotes efficiency through smart technologies.

Why Use the Scotsman Prodigy Modular Cube Ice Machine?

With a self-monitoring system, this Scotsman's Prodigy ice machine provides you with instant reporting on maintenance and performance. It's energy-efficient and comes with Auto-Alert™ indicator lights to regularly communicate the operating status. This ice machine also uses less water to produce frozen cubes.

What are Some of the Scotsman Prodigy Modular Cube Ice Machine's Other Features?

This Scotsman ice machine has external panel components that are constructed for optimal aesthetic appeal thanks to its superior finish. The unit features hidden hinges on its spring-loaded door for easy opening and closing. This ice machine's bin is made from durable plastic and can hold up to 500 lbs. of frozen cubes. It will also signal employees when it's time to sanitize, descale and more.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Featuring WaterSense™ adaptive purge control, this Prodigy ice machine reduces scale build-up. The removable panels make it easy to do maintenance and allows for clear access to the unit's internal parts. This commercial ice machine also features a reusable air filter and a diagnostic code display to help resolve problems faster.

Terrific for Foodservice Operations and More

This commercial ice machine is wonderful for setting up in businesses that serve food and drinks. Place it in bars, cafeterias or restaurants. This Scotsman ice machine is also perfect for use in grocery stores and markets.

Delivery includes Loading Dock to Loading Dock or Curbside Delivery only. Delivery does not include Inside Delivery or Set in Place.

Not for residential use. Shipped to commercial addresses only. Consult a licensed professional for proper installation.

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