Bring your sandwiches to life with Member’s Mark All Butter Sandwich Croissants. This 12-pack of buttery, flaky pastries offers enough for you to share with friends and family, so get the party started.

What are Member’s Mark All Butter Sandwich Croissants Made of?

Each Member’s Mark butter croissant is made with a layered yeast-leavened dough. The dough is pinched and layered with butter before being expertly rolled and folded. After this process is completed, the dough is placed onto a large baking sheet and baked to a flaky, fluffy golden-brown.

A Versatile Pastry

There are several uses for Member’s Mark All Butter Sandwich Croissants. These versatile pastries can be used to make mini croissant sandwiches, croissant sandwiches for a party, croissant breakfast sandwiches or simply enjoyed on their own. Their light and fluffy texture paired with their rich buttery flavor also make them an ideal accompaniment to coffee or tea for an enjoyable snack. This 12-count pack comes with enough croissants to use throughout the week or to share with friends and family.

Where Did Croissants Originate?

Although croissants are often thought of as a French pastry, they actually originated in Austria. This popular pastry, named for its unique crescent shape, is a breakfast staple in Austria, France and many other parts of Europe. They can be found plain, stuffed with chocolate and other fillings or used to make a wide range of sandwiches. While many croissants found in bakeries today are baked from frozen dough, Member’s Mark All Butter Sandwich Croissants are made fresh for your enjoyment.

How to Enjoy A Croissant

Croissants can be enjoyed in a number of ways. Cut one open down the middle and fill it with your choice of sandwich fillings, such as chicken salad, tuna or turkey. For a sweet treat, spread on some jelly or jam. These pastries can also be enjoyed on their own after being heated for a few seconds in the microwave or a couple of minutes in the oven.

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