4K UHD Processor
    A powerful processor optimizes your TV's performance with 4K picture quality.

    See shades of color that reveal more detail than HDTV can deliver.

    Motion Rate 120
    Enjoy high-speed action with good motion clarity.

    Smart TV with Universal Guide
    Our simple on-screen guide is an easy way to find streaming content and live TV shows.

    Millions of shades of color reveal a vibrant, lifelike picture that HDTV can't create.

    Get Pulled into the Action with Auto Depth Enhancer on Curved TVs
    Applies various levels of contrast to different areas on the screen to give image outstanding depth.

    2160p Resolution for Breathtaking HD Images
    Watch 4K movies and TV shows at 4x the resolution of Full HD and upscale your current HD content to gorgeous, Ultra HD-level picture quality.

    Smart TV with Access to Streaming Services for Countless Entertainment Options
    Stream shows, movies, games and more with the TV's built-in Wi-Fi and integrated apps.

    LED TVs Perform Well in all Lighting Conditions
    They also deliver plasma-like deep blacks and rich colors.

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