The Rubbermaid® WaveBrake® Bucket & Wringer, 35 qt. makes it easier to keep a space clean. It's great for use in commercial and residential settings.

What's a Wringer?

The word "wringer" has multiple definitions. In relation to this cleaning accessory, it's defined as a machine or apparatus used for pressing out liquids from clothing, mops, linens or other objects.

Why Use the Rubbermaid WaveBrake Bucket & Wringer?

This Rubbermaid commercial mop bucket will help you clean your floors while improving productivity. It's designed with patented, molded-in baffles to reduce splashing for a safer environment during use. The Rubbermaid WaveBrake Bucket & Wringer is durably built with high-quality materials and standards. It comes with a side press wringer that's made to last longer in comparison to other models. The bucket can hold up to 35 qts. of liquid, has integrated wringer guides for a secure fit along with stability and features non-marring casters for easy maneuverability. With an efficient design, you can use fewer chemicals and less water to get the job done with the Rubbermaid WaveBrake. The inside of the bucket is also divided, allowing the dirty water to stay separate when using the wringer.

Simple to Empty

This Rubbermaid mop bucket with wheels is constructed for safe emptying. It features a sink ledge along with an integrated handle for lifting and stability. The pour spout provides control while the water is emptied for less effort and strain.

Freestanding Wringer

With a structural web-molded plastic design and premium tubular steel, this Rubbermaid wringer is made for lasting performance. It can be removed and is made to stand upright to lessen bending when emptying the bucket. This Rubbermaid wringer is flared to allow a mop handle to rest on its side when not in use. The integrated steel handle has a grip, letting you comfortably install or remove the unit as needed. This wringer also works with an array of mop sizes.

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