Classic Red Rose Bouquet (36 stem)

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  • Bouquet includes 36 long-stemmed red roses (50cm)
  • Also includes baby's breath and filler greens
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  • Vase Included

About this item

Why give a dozen roses when you can give three dozen long stem roses? The Classic Red Rose Bouquet of 36 Stems is a statement gift. The romantic red roses, baby's breath and filler greens make this bouquet more than just a bunch of red roses. It is one of the red rose arrangements you would hope to receive and can be showcased in your home to create an awe-inspiring centerpiece on your dining room table. You can use the Classic Red Rose Bouquet as a bright and lively item to create a more inviting atmosphere in your entryway as well.

Is a Red Rose Bouquet a Romantic Gift to Give?

Yes. The red rose flower is certainly a symbol of romance and passion. The Classic Red Rose Bouquet is a great gift to give to a significant other or romantic interest. It is particularly appropriate to give this gift on Valentine's Day or for an anniversary. The 36 roses paired with the baby's breath creates a beautiful and luxurious contrast.

How Can I Keep My Roses Fresh?

When you first receive the Classic Red Rose Bouquet fresh, the first thing you should do is chop off about 1/4 inch of the end at a 45-degree angle with a sharp knife. By chopping the ends of the roses, you will be creating an open and clean entry point for water. Next, you should mix the small packet of nutrients with cold water in the provided vase or a vase of your own. Finally, be sure to check that the water is clear and abundant each day.

Should I Put the Bouquet of Roses in Sunlight?

No. Since the roses are actually not growing anymore because they have been removed from their roots, the sunlight will not do anything to keep them healthy. Direct sunlight may actually cause the petals to wilt. It is best to keep the roses in a room-temperature or cooler room and out of direct sunlight. Fluctuating temperatures may also cause the roses to wilt.

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