Keep your home, business or apartment safe with the REMO+® Over-the-Door Smart DoorCam.™ It's easy installation, Bluetooth capabilities and smartphone compatibility make it a top security camera choice.

How Is the REMO+ Over-the-Door DoorCam Installed?

With its unique design, you can install this wireless doorbell camera by simply hanging it over the top of your door. This means it's great for apartments, since there's no need to drill holes into the wall or run cables. It's also great for young, busy home buyers who don't have time for lengthy or expensive security camera installations. The REMO+ wireless video doorbell security camera can operate for 12 months on one battery. Simply hang it over your door, download the available application to your smartphone and connect the camera system to your WiFi.

What Features Does the REMO+ Over-the-Door DoorCam Offer?

In addition to HD 720p video surveillance, this wireless doorbell camera also has a two-way talk feature. This means you can speak with whomever is at your door without the need to get up from your couch, office or bed. Simply use your phone to communicate, whether it's shooing away a salesperson or letting a friend know you'll be right there. The REMO+ wireless doorbell camera also has IR night vision to capture potential nighttime prowlers.

Smartphone Compatibility

The REMO+ Over-the-Door Smart DoorCam works with your iPhone, Android or other smartphone. This means you can always access your camera, even when you're away from home. Your phone can alert you when someone is at the door. Whether you're at work, running errands or out of town, you can view, speak through and control your wireless doorbell camera. With the REMO+ wireless doorbell camera, you can easily record video and save it to your smartphone, which makes it ideal for catching burglars or package thieves.

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