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One-minute oats is the solution for a nutritious breakfast in no time. Dress it up however you like so your first meal of the day never gets boring.

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  • Keeps you full all morning
  • Sodium-free and low in saturated fat and cholesterol
  • Useful as an ingredient in various recipes
  • Comes with two, five-pound bags
  • Ready in one minute
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Start your morning off with Quaker™ Quick 1-Minute Oats (5 lb., 2 ct.). This hot breakfast cereal is quick, healthy, and delicious.

How Many Bags Are in Each Quaker Quick 1-Minute Oats Pack?

Each box includes two, five-pound bags of oats for more than 110 total servings.

Contains Healthy Ingredients

Quaker Quick 1-Minute Oats is chock-full of wholesome ingredients. These oats contain whole grains, plus low cholesterol- and saturated fat-content. Oats are also low in sodium, ideal for those of us on salt-free diets. Oats can be a tasty part of a heart-healthy diet.

It's Ready in a Snap

With Quaker Quick 1-Minute Oats, you're able to have a hot breakfast ready in as little as a minute. Having quick oats on hand makes your morning rush that much easier.

Keeps You Full All Morning

The whole grains in Quaker instant oatmeal helps keep you feeling satisfied¬¬–a great way to cut down on pre-lunchtime or pre-dinner snacking. You can even enjoy instant oatmeal as a hearty after-dinner treat! Oatmeal is the perfect canvas for your favorite flavors–add fruit and spices such as cinnamon, apples, bananas, strawberries, and more! Add milk, cream, or butter for an even creamier dish.

Makes For a Healthy Ingredient In Many Recipes

Oatmeal can be used in your favorite recipes, too. Fold it into cookie dough, add to cake recipes and more–some of our favorite suggestions are included on the packaging.

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