Feel more safe and secure with the Q-See® 5MP HD 8 Channel IP Security System with 2TB Hard Drive and 6 5MP IP Bullet Cameras with Color Night Vision. This six camera setup is among the best home security systems available thanks to its durable construction, crystal-clear picture and lengthy storage options. Whether you are looking to beef up security in your home or your office, Q-See security cameras are an excellent option.

How Powerful Are Q-See Security Cameras?

A security camera is only as good as its picture. It won't do anyone any good if it captures images that are too blurry to use. Q-See security cameras are equipped with a 4mm camera lens and a 98° wide angle field of view. This means that each camera can see more and cover more ground than a standard camera. The cameras have a 5-megapixel image sensor that provides an image that is 2.5x as powerful as a normal 4K lens.

Do Q-See Cameras Have Night Vision?

The capabilities of Q-See cameras aren't diminished at night. Each one is capable of incredible color night vision that offers a clear picture up to 100 ft. away in ambient lighting. This makes the Q-See security system equally as useful indoors or outside.

What Kind Of Storage Does The Q-See Camera System Have?

The Q-See cameras system allows you to store up to 20 days of continuous footage. The feed is stored in a 2TB internal hard drive that you can keep in a secure location. Q-See utilized WD Purple Hard Drives that are specially designed to hold up against the extreme heat created by cameras that run 24-hours a day. This especially sturdy and durable construction protects your data against heat damage, fire and more.

Two Ways To View Your Security Feed

To check in on your Q-See camera system, you can do one of two things. Your first option is to use the desktop application to see the live feed. The other option is for those who want to look in on their security while they are on to go. Q-See has a mobile app that works for both iOS and Android applications.

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