Amplify the security of your business or home with the Q-See® 5MP HD 16 Channel IP Security System with 4TB Hard Drive and 12 5MP IP Bullet Cameras with Color Night Vision. These days,you can never be too careful. Break-ins, theft and vandalism are all things that people must be vigilant for, especially when considering how much financial damage they can cause. Q-See has developed this advanced network of cameras to cover every inch of your property, along with enough storage to adequately handle their video feed.

How Good Are The Q-See Security Cameras?

The Q-See camera system has everything you need to secure your property. Each camera features a 4mm lens, giving it a huge 98° field of view. Every camera can cover more ground than standard cameras with smaller lenses. The image quality is impeccable as well. The cameras have a 5-megapixel image sensor that can show you stunning, high-quality images that have 2.5x the resolution of typical 1080p cameras.

Are The Q-See Cameras Capable Of Night Vision?

The truth is, most things you need a security camera for happen in the dead of night. A camera without great night vision isn't much good to anyone. That's why Q-See cameras are outfitted with incredible color night vision. This highly advanced technology is more than capable of capturing images up to 100 ft. away in ambient light.

What Does The Q-See Camera System Use For Storage?

The Q-See 16 channel security system uses a very specific 4TB hard drive for all of its storage. This Digital Purple® hard drive is capable of storing up to 20 days of continuous footage. That's 480 hours of footage at your fingertips. Just as important as the storage capacity of Digital Purple hard drives is their durability. Security systems that run constantly like the Q-See camera system generate a lot of heat, and hard drives need to be able to withstand that without melting or compromising any date. The protective coating and durable build ensures that every bit of information on the 4TB hard drives stays safe.

How Can I View The Feed From My Q-See Cameras?

There are two ways to check your Q-See cameras. If you are at the home or office, you can visit your feed from a website via your desktop or laptop computer. If you are out on the go and want to check in on things, you can check a live video feed from the Q-See mobile app.

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