Stream a variety of personal trainers into your home to guide the speed and incline of the 965 CT smart treadmill throughout new, daily workouts with an included 1-year membership to iFIT. Or adjust the speed and incline on your own at the touch of a button with QuickSpeed® adjustment button controls. Quickly monitor your heart rate with EKG grip pulse sensors that are built into the handlebars.

Personal Trainers

Engage in a whole new fitness experience as certified personal trainers take your exercise all around the world. With a 1-year full-access membership to iFIT®, you’ll be led through an expansive collection of global workouts and an ever-growing library of limit-pushing studio workout classes, getting you moving and sweating on and off your machine.

Bluetooth Audio Speaker

Connect your phone or tablet via Bluetooth® and start working out with your own personal trainer that will automatically adjust the incline and speed on your equipment, matching the intensity of the workout. Machine connects to tablet via Bluetooth® and does not contain Bluetooth audio speaker. *iFIT experience shown. Internet and WIFI required. iFIT membership activation requires credit/debit card and auto-renews for fee. Cancel at anytime.

Stats and More

We know when you’ve made up your mind about getting fit, you mean business. So we made sure your workout stats are right in front of you as you work out. That means you can watch your mileage, speed, calorie burn, heart rate, and time add up. Grab ahold of in-the-moment heart rate monitoring. These two hand-grip sensors are conveniently built into the handlebars. In a couple seconds, you’ll be able to see your heart rate while you train. †Not a medical device. Accuracy may vary.

Travel the World

Choose the motor that will run with you from Chicago to Cape Town. Smooth. Powerful. Durable. Proven. As your trainer constantly changes the incline and speed throughout your toughest workouts, the Mach Z™ motor self-cools, creates high levels of inertia for a smooth, powerful feel, and promises a quiet in-home experience. Great for heavy use, this motor is built with high-grade components proven with our lifetime motor warranty.

Folds Up and Away

We know you like your house to be clutter-free. So we invented a treadmill that folds up and out of the way when you’re done with your workout. It totally rocked the fitness industry; but honestly, we’re just glad you don’t have to sacrifice your living space for your fitness habit anymore. And as an added bonus, we built in a powerful shock that helps you lift the deck with an easy push.

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