For the toughest applications, choose ProForce® Concentrated Heavy Duty Degreaser. This top-of-the-line, premium degreaser quickly dissolves grease and attacks soils on contact, requiring less labor. Oil, grease and dirt are lifted off surfaces allowing fast and easy cleaning. Also works on fiberglass, steel, plastic, PVC, vinyl, acrylic, concrete, asphalt and other hard surfaces. Not for use on aluminum or other soft metals.

Dilution Ratios:
  • Light soils - 4 fl oz. per gallon water
  • Medium soils - 12 fl oz. per gallon water
  • Heavy soils - 64 fl oz. per gallon water
  • Pressure-Sprayer - 12 fl oz. per gallon water
  • Autoscrubbers - 2-4 fl oz. product per gallon of water
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