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Perfect for decorating your wedding reception, this verdant wedding garland lends a fresh and lovely look to your special day.

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  • 25 feet of garland
  • Great for holding flowers for wedding day decoration
  • Can be decorated or left alone
  • A beautiful addition to any wedding day venue

Orders can be placed 30 days in advance prior to event day. Suggested delivery to be 2 days prior before event. 

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Recommended delivery date is 2 days before your event.
If your event is Saturday or Sunday, suggested delivery date is Thursday.
If your event is Monday, suggested delivery date is Friday.

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This Premium Mixed Wedding Garland (25 feet) gives you the freedom to add a unique flair to your big-day decorations. 

Can I Use the Premium Mixed Wedding Garland as a Wedding Day Bouquet?

The garland is intended for the decoration of alters and table settings. You can also get creative and use some of the plants in your bouquet to tie all the decorations together. Small details like this make all the difference on your special day.

How Far in Advance Do I Need to Submit the Online Flower Delivery Order?

It is ideal to order a little over a week in advance to ensure that you can inspect your garland before the big day. If there are any features that are missing or incorrect, you can correct the order to ensure you have the perfect base for your happy wedding day flowers. The garland is shipped dry and rolled in a well-protected box to keep it fresh. You'll get the garland in advance so you can start preparing decorations. Just mist the leaves with cool water to keep them pristine.

Will the Garland Be Compatible With the Location of My Wedding Venue?

The supplier takes note of where the garland will be featured when they compile the product. Some plants will be substituted for others depending on the seasonal and environmental needs of the plants. You can rest assured knowing that they have expert knowledge of which plants will be the best for you.

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