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Comfort food has never been easier. This pressure cooker makes slow-cook and one-pot recipes in only 70% of the standard time, and it’s great for canning.

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  • The Tristar 8-Quart Power Cooker Plus locks in the nutrients
  • Infuses meat and seafood with intense flavor without unwanted fat
  • Saves time and energy.
  • The air-tight lid locks into place and traps the super-heated steam inside.
  • The removable inner pot is safe for the dishwasher
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Make your favorite recipes 70% faster with this slow cooker, not to mention those one-pot meals you and your family love. Tristar 8-Quart Power Cooker Plus™ has flavor-infusion technology that locks in flavor and nutrients. This produces healthy meals that are just as good for your taste buds as they are for your body. Featuring one-touch preset buttons, a dishwasher-safe inner pot that is non-stick, a digital display panel and a safe lock lid that can manually release steam, this slow cooker has all the bells and whistles to help you chef up delicious meals in no time. Add to that the ‘Keep Warm’ mode and a built-in safety mechanism, and you have an all-around slow cooking solution.

What Presets Does It Come With?

It’s easy to cook up delicious meals with the Tristar 8-Quart Power Cooker Plus. It has presets that can be used for risotto, meats and even as guides to help with cooking potatoes, yams and much more. Preparation is therefore simple and straightforward. It has a delay timer so you can decide when you want it to start cooking. This is great for making sure a meal is ready at just the right time. When the food is done, all you have to do is turn on the ‘Keep Warm’ function to make it ready for the table while you finish up other things. There is even a button designed to help with the canning and preserving of garden goods and other foods.

Perfect for At-Home Canning

When it comes to canning, the Tristar 8-Quart Power Cooker Plus really shines. It can hold up to four one-pint, wide-mouth jars' worth of food. Make some applesauce, jams, salsa, preserves, pickled veggies and much more.

What Makes the Tristar 8-Quart Power Cooker PlusQuicker?

Time is a precious commodity these days. This slow cooker is a veritable time-creator. You toss in the ingredients and can have a great meal prepared with literally the push of a button.

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