Is it breakfast time, or is it snack time? When it comes to bagels, it really doesn't matter. With various uses for bagels, it's no wonder why it's such a popular food item. Whether you're missing seeing a bagel shop in every corner of your neighborhood, or want to enjoy a similar product to Bagel Thins®, Member's Mark™ Plain Sliced Bagels (6 ct.) will deliver. Not to your door, but on your plate and to your taste buds.

What Makes Member's Mark Plain Sliced Bagels Unique?

These bagels are made in the style of a New York bagel. For those who haven't been to New York City, there are bagel shops everywhere. In each and every borough, you can expect most neighborhoods to have their favorite bagel shop, and multiple competitors. Eating a bagel made New York style has been prepared to the highest standard, baked fresh every morning and a premium spread in between. Of course, New York Bakery Co. bagels are limited to a regional area, but Member's Mark Plain Sliced Bagels takes that exact formula that you can take home. You can have a New York bagel whether you live in Kentucky or Michigan.

How Should You Eat Your Bagel?

As your heart desires. The simple way to eat a bagel is to make it a little toasty and put your favorite spread on each side. Some of the more popular spreads include garlic butter or cream cheese. However, you can also get creative and enjoy larger recipes which include cheese, tomato and eggs. It depends on how hungry you are, and your options are endless.

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