It can be a challenge when it comes to organizing seasonal decorations, gardening supplies, power tools and general equipment in the garage, but thanks to the NewAge Products Performance 2.0 Diamond Plate 9-Piece Set (Various Options), you can accomplish that task easily. It comes with a clean and organized look thanks to its diamond plate design and it is also constructed from 24-gauge steel frames in order to provide a long-lasting product.

Designed to Fit Your Needs

This NewAge storage solution comes with easy-to-grab stainless steel handles that will allow you to quickly get to your items. There are also height adjustable legs so you can be sure you will have a level top, regardless of uneven floors. Furthermore, this NewAge Pro series storage solution has a bamboo worktop in order to give you plenty of space while taking care of crafts, home repairs, gardening, auto maintenance and other such activities that you may need to tackle at home or in your place of business.

What are the New Age Cabinets Made From?

The NewAge Products Performance 2.0 Diamond Plate 9-Piece Set is constructed from 24-gauge steel in order to create a very strong and durable product. Because of this, it can last for years, and it may very well be the only other storage cabinet option you’ll need to buy.

What Makes the Best Garage Storage Cabinet?

There are many options when it comes to garage storage, including garage cabinets and storage lockers. When looking at the NewAge Products Performance 2.0 Diamond Plate 9-Piece Set, or any other of the NewAge storage options, you’ll want to consider not only how much storage space is available, but the total weight that the system is equipped to his ugly hold. Also, be sure to not only measure the free space in your workshop or garage to verify that the unit will fit, but also take care to ensure that wherever you place it you will be able to get to it readily.

Will This Fit My Space and Needs?

The NewAge Products Performance 2.0 Diamond Plate 9-piece Set has an assembled size of 18”x132”x77-1/4”. The multi-use lockers can hold 800 pounds, while the wall cabinets can each hold 100 pounds. Last, both the base cabinets and rolling tool cabinets can hold 600 pounds.

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