Few things taste quite as divine as Southern pecan pie, and you might be thinking that a slice could hit the spot right now. If you have a craving, consider this Member's Mark™ 12"" Pecan Pie (56 oz.) that’s ready to eat as soon as you get it home. This pecan pie is the perfect dessert to share. Gooey sweet center in every bite topped with a crunchy pecan

Why Should You Consider a Member's Mark 12"" Pecan Pie?

Pecan pie has a flavor that is unique and unlike other pies out there. It offers up a sweet and delicious taste thanks to the traditional style filling, along with the light and flaky crust. The pie also has large real Texas pecan halves that go over the top. For those searching for the best pecan pie, this can be a fantastic choice to bring into your dining room.

When Can You Enjoy a Member's Mark 12"" Pecan Pie?

What could you do with this pie? While you could always just buy it to have for dessert for yourself and your family at home, there are plenty of other options, as well. You could keep it as a snack, you could heat it up for a few seconds in the microwave and have a scoop of ice cream along with it, of you could have it during a party when your friends are visiting. The pecan pie could also be brought and shared with your coworkers during an office party or a potluck. You will find countless ways that this pie will please not only your taste buds but the taste buds of anyone who is lucky enough to have a slice.

Bring Home a Delicious Tasting Pie for You and Your Family

For those busy days that deserve a sweet treat at the end, choose one of these pies to bring home and enjoy that delicious homemade flavor, just like Mom used to make. 

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