Peak Long Life Antifreeze (6-pack / 1-gallon bottles)

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About this item

  • Mixes with any color antifreeze
  • Full strength formula must be diluted before use
  • The 6-gallon package makes 12 gallons
  • Silicate and phosphate free formula
  • Peak Antifreeze works on all makes and models
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Every car needs the protection of antifreeze to keep engines running smoothly. Peak® Long Life® Antifreeze (6-pack / 1-gallon bottles) offers lasting protection for your car engine. This phosphate-free and silicate-free formula comes in a six-gallon package. It works well with any make and model vehicle, no need to look for a model specific brand.

Is Peak Long Life Antifreeze Pre-Diluted?

Peak Long Life Antifreeze is a full-strength concentration. Consumers must mix the contents of the bottle of antifreeze with equal amounts of water before pouring into your car engine. A one-gallon container of full-strength coolant makes two gallons when diluted adequately for use.

Why Do You Need to Dilute Antifreeze with Water?

Even with the best antifreeze, dilution is essential. The chemicals in the coolant concentration protect your car's engine from corrosion, rust, freezing temperatures and boiling. However, those chemical inhibitors are not active until they combine with water. While the best mixture is a 50/50 solution, you can use up to 70% antifreeze in your engine.

Using regular tap water is acceptable to dilute antifreeze. The use of deionized or distilled water makes a better mixture. However, do not use salt softened water to dilute antifreeze as it will have adverse effects on your engine.

What Does Long Life Engine Coolant Mean?

Long Life antifreeze for car engines works to protect all components of the cooling system including ally radiators and heater cores. It is a concentrated formula of ethylene glycol designed to last in your vehicle for up to 5 years or 150,000 miles, whichever comes first. Once you reach the limit, you should have a coolant flush and fresh antifreeze put in your car or truck.

Can You Mix Peak Antifreeze with Other Brands?

While Peak Long Life Antifreeze is a green color, you can mix it with other colors if needed. You can use it, in diluted form, to top off your coolant levels in any vehicle including diesel engines.

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