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  • Papaya with naturally sweet flesh and edible seeds
  • Good source of healthy fiber and folate
  • High amounts of healthy nutrients and antioxidants
  • Versatile fruit for cooking and eating


Boost your tropical fruit consumption with the delicious flavor and versatility of the papaya fruit.

How Is Papaya Versatile?

Papaya provides tremendous versatility for eating and cooking. Originating in Central America and Southern regions of Mexico, the papaya is now grown all over the world and contains a special enzyme called papain. Papain is able to break down protein chains found in meats, which makes this fruit great for using as a natural meat tenderizer. 

Although you can eat this fruit at room temperature, it's best served cold and fresh from the fridge. Halve the fruit and scoop out and rinse the seeds from its center, then squeeze a little bit of lemon onto the halved fruit. The juice from the lemons helps bring out the natural, delicious flavors of the fruit. If you're looking to enjoy this delicious fruit in a meal, then consider preparing a green papaya salad. Combine the fruit with tomatoes, peppers, lime, garlic and some fish sauce to make a tasty, cold-served salad. Or use the tropical fruit to make a flavorful bread. And if you want dessert, blend fresh papaya with milk, sugar and vanilla to prepare a papaya milkshake.

How to Tell if a Papaya Is Ripe

You will know the fruit is ripe and ready to eat when it becomes predominantly yellow. The fruit is also able to ripen much faster if you put it in a paper bag with other fruits, like apples and bananas.

What are the Health Benefits of this Fruit?

Papayas offer high amounts of antioxidants, vitamin C, E and beta carotene. These nutrients provide you with immune-boosting health benefits, benefits for your eye health and potentially decrease your risk for cancer and heart disease.

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