OdoBan Professional Eucalyptus BioOdor Digester is an exclusive blend of nonpathogenic, active bacterial cultures, and does not contain solvents and VOCs. Eucalyptus BioOdor Digester penetrates deep down into cracks and crevices and actually consumes organic waste found in hard-to-clean areas.
Use this product as an odor control treatment for foodservice waste in dumpsters, trash rooms, garbage cans and trash bins. Eucalyptus BioOdor Digester removes organic waste odors on carpet and water-safe, colorfast fabric such as clothing, drapes, upholstery, etc.
Eucalyptus BioOdor Digester can be used in restrooms or around exterior of buildings on grout, concrete walls, sidewalks, pavement, etc. to counteract urine odors that hide in cracks and crevices. This is an excellent ready-to-use drip system refill.

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