Be tough on stains but gentle on your floors with the OdoBan® Earth Choice Neutral pH Floor Cleaner - 1 gal. There are many cleaners out there that are so abrasive they can actually damage the floor they are supposed to clean. Conversely, there are some floor cleaners that are a little too careful and don't do as good a job as they could actually cleaning. Fortunately, OdoBan Earth Choice Neutral pH Floor Cleaner can do both with the perfect balance of cleaning ability and protective power.

What Can You Use OdoBan Earth Choice Neutral pH Floor Cleaner On?

This OdoBan floor cleaner is made to be used specifically on hard floors. It can be used to treat sealed wood, concrete, tile, vinyl and more. Try it on almost any hard surface in your bathroom, kitchen, garage, rec room or hallway.

What Does It Mean To Be Chemically Neutral?

A neutral pH means that a substance isn't either acidic or alkaline. Practically speaking, a chemically neutral cleaner like OdoBan floor cleaner won't damage the finish on your flooring. That is also why this particular cleaner offers a no-rinse formula. Just once wash with the cleaner and you are good to go.

How Much Can I Get Out Of A Bottle Of OdoBan Floor Cleaner?

This 1-gallon bottle contains OdoBan Floor Cleaner concentrate. You don't use it directly on the floors by itself. Instead, you mix it with water to create a cleaning solution. This allows one bottle of OdoBan Floor cleaner to go much, much farther than other brands. Just one gallon-sized bottle of OdoBan floor cleaner can make up to 128 gallons of cleaning solutions. that's a lot of clean floors.

What Kinds Of Stains Can OdoBan Floor Cleaner Handle?

Odoban Floor Cleaner can handle the most common substances that contribute to dirty floors. With this, you can tackle mud, dirt, grease, grime and more. It is perfect for kitchens where you have to deal with food service messes as well as garages and the various stains you are likely to encounter there.

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