Pizza and popcorn – the ultimate ingredients for a perfect movie night. Nordic Ware makes it easy to make it movie night any night with this 3-piece bundle set with everything you need to enjoy a relaxed evening at home with friends and family. Place your pizza on the 16" hot air crisper for consistent, evenly browned results every time. The aluminum construction is the best material for even heating, with perforations in the bottom of the pan to ensure a crisp (never soggy!) crust.

    Throw out your crummy microwave popcorn – the Pro Pop Popper makes a bowl of popcorn in minutes and the high-domed cover doubles as a serving bowl. Melt some butter in the Micro Mix & Melt and drizzle it over your fresh-popped kernels for a delicious treat to curl up on the couch with and enjoy your favorite movie. The Micro Mix & Melt is great for melting chocolate and other sauces, too.

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