Air fryers top the list of must-have kitchen appliances, but sometimes you just don't have room for another bulky electric in your kitchen. Nordic Ware introduces this extra-large pan to give you a non-electric option for crisping up your favorite foods.

Measuring in at a generous 15 x 21 inches, this pan has higher sides than a standard sheet pan to keep food contained. Its sturdy rack, which is coated in nonstick for simple cleanup, elevates foods above the pan, ensuring air flow around every square inch of your fries, tots, nuggets, jalapeno poppers, and more.

Ever tried making bacon in your oven instead of on the stove? You're in for a surprise, and we predict it'll be your favorite way to make it once you try it. This pan is ideally suited for this purpose and holds an entire package of bacon. Drippings collect beneath the rack and air circulates above and below the bacon, resulting in the most picture-perfect (and delicious!) bacon imaginable.

The base pan can also be used alone for mega-sized batches of bars, brownies and cakes. It even doubles as a roasting pan for poultry and roasts. Made of natural uncoated aluminum with a reinforced steel rim for durability. 

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