Fresh, fun and no-nonsense, the Nordic Ware 5-Piece Everyday Bakeware Set provides you with all the essential pieces for effortless baking. These stunning modern designs are an easy way to upgrade your everyday bakeware collection.

Sturdy steel construction gives the pans resistance to warping and bending so they hold up over time and resist dents. With no-slip silicone handles, you're able to grip the pans securely even when you're wearing bulky oven mitts. Free of harmful chemicals, the nonstick finish helps your baked goods slide easily out of the pans for better results and less cleanup. Whether you're making a sheet-pan meal, cookies, brownies, cake, muffins, cupcakes or everyone's favorite – a Bundt cake – this set has all the bases covered.

The 9" round cake pan is an essential for effortless layer cakes and quick breads, plus it's the industry-standard size for most recipes.

The rectangular 9" x 13" cake pan is a great everyday pan to have in your collection. The high sides and sturdy steel construction make it ideal for consistent, even baking every time. Use it to make cakes, brownies and savory dishes like casseroles and lasagna.

Designed for even baking, the muffin pan is an essential for perfectly baked muffins and cupcakes, as well as creative savory recipes like quiche, mini meatloaves and croissants. With 12 standard-size wells, it's a must-have addition to your kitchen collection.

Whether you're toasting slices of buttery garlic bread or making a batch of your favorite chocolate chip cookies, the 11" x 17" baking sheet can do it all. Solidly constructed and sized to fit in most standard-size ovens, you'll find its one of the pans you use the most.

Nordic Ware is known for their classic Bundt pans, so of course they included the 12-cup standard size in their bakeware collection. Made of heavy-duty steel, this nonstick Bundt cake pan is designed for easy release and easy cleanup, but we still recommend dusting the inside of the pan with a bit of shortening and flour to ensure the crispest ridges in your fluted cake.

The only question left is: what to bake first?

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