This premier wireless solution is sure to satisfy Sam’s Club Members craving fewer cables, easier setup and superior quality images. Don’t feel like dealing with the hassle of multiple cable runs? This system is perfect for you! As these cameras wirelessly connect to your NVR, there is no need to deal with the inconvenience of cable installation. Additionally, the NVR has its own secure wireless network for uninterrupted video transmission. With 24/7 coverage and pre-recording, you can rest assured you will not miss any key events. Equipped with Dual Sensor Technology and two-way audio, Night Owl has truly taken the Sam’s Club Members experience to the next level.


    Secure Wireless Network with 300-foot Wireless Range

    This 1080p Wireless Smart Security Hub has its own independent wireless network which provides uninterrupted video transmission all day every day. Don’t feel like installing cabling in your attic or walls? With this system, you don’t have to! Video will never be transmitted to our server or to any third party server, EVER. Your new wireless cameras can be installed up to 300 ft. away from the NVR and still produce clear and crisp images. No matter what your setup, this system will provide the reliable coverage you need!


    No Internet Required / No Monthly Fees

    As the wireless NVR has built-in Wi-Fi, an Internet connection is not required for video transmission or recording. In order to remotely view your system on a smart device or personal computer, you will need to connect the NVR to a modem or router. However, the remote viewing application and CMS software are 100% free of charge. Furthermore, all of your recordings will be stored on the pre-installed 1 TB hard drive thereby avoiding costly cloud storage.


    Two-Way Audio

    Each 1080p wireless camera comes equipped with two-way audio. This dual feature allows for your cameras to record audio and be used as a virtual intercom via the Night Owl X App on your Smart Device. At work and need to communicate with someone at home who isn’t answering their phone? Simply login to the Night Owl X App and use the cameras two-way audio to get their attention or have a conversation. No matter where you travel, trust that you will be able to see and hear what matters most.


    Dual Sensor Technology with 1TB Hard Drive

    Night Owl’s Patent Pending Smart Detection Security System uses dual sensors to eliminate the number of false alarms you receive by up to 90%. Whereas standard security systems using current motion detection technology send out alerts every time motion is sensed, our heightened detection requires both (heat and motion) be detected simultaneously in order for a recording to be triggered. Not only does this alert you to serious potential threats, but it also drastically conserves hard drive space. Your system comes equipped with a pre-installed 1 TB Hard Drive (HDD) which can be upgraded to a max 6 TB internal SATA HDD.


    AC Powered Cameras

    Some wireless camera brands use battery powered cameras. While this may seem like a convenience, these batteries require frequent change which is a hassle and expense many Members want to avoid.  These 1080p wireless cameras are AC powered to help avoid this problem. Each camera will come equipped with its own camera power adapter with enough cable to install the camera in a desirable location. This feature allows for 24/7 coverage and Pre-recording, options not available with battery powered cameras. With these AC powered cameras, ensures you are achieving maximum coverage and not worrying about the batteries giving out, or missing key events, while you are away on vacation.


    1080p Resolution Indoor / Outdoor Cameras

    Night Owl’s 1080p infrared wireless cameras are intended for both indoor and outdoor use. These cameras are weatherproof, meaning they can withstand minimal moisture and dirt debris. When placing your cameras outdoors, it’s strongly recommend placing them under shelter of some kind. This can include but is not limited to eaves and awnings. By doing this, you will ensure your cameras are not overly exposed to harsh elements and will be there when you need them most.


    Night Vision & Wide Viewing Angle

    Night Owl’s wireless infrared cameras provide up to 100 ft. of night vision. During the day your camera will display in full color mode. At night, it will enter black and white mode. Additionally, the camera provides a 100 ˚ field of view which far surpasses the standard 42˚ field of view of many cameras. This enhanced field of view allows you to view a larger area while providing ease of mind.


    Night Owl X Application with Smart Auto Detection

    Night Owl fits right in with your mobile lifestyle by allowing you to remotely monitor your home or business with the exclusive and free Night Owl X app for iOS® and Android™ devices. Easily connect your smart device to the app via Smart Auto Detection, which automatically detects devices on the same network. Playback video footage from multiple cameras and even save videos and images directly to your phone or tablet. With Night Owl, you can easily view your system from anywhere in the world!


    Real-Time Motion Activated Push Notifications

    Don't want to spend time monitoring an empty room? No problem! Night Owl’s Dual Sensor Technology allows the system to record only when necessary and send you notifications that matter. You can set the detection area of each individual camera to monitor specific areas and will receive a push notification directly to your Smart Device when your infrared camera’s detect heat + motion change in the selected zone.


    24/7 Technical Support, Available 365-Days a Year

    At Night Owl, our goal is to provide an incomparable experience for any technical support required. We provide more assistance than any other security brand by offering tri-lingual (English, Spanish and French) 24/7 phone support, 365 days a year.

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