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OFFLINE-Nestle Nesquik Chocolate-Flavored Powder (2.61 lb.)

by Nesquik |
Item # 347335

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Why We Love This

What makes milk taste better and better for you? With tons of protein, calcium and vitamins, this chocolate powder is a treat you can have everyday!

About this item

  • Transforms milk into a delicious, nutritious chocolatey drink
  • Nestle Nesquik contains 8g of protein when mixed with low-fat milk
  • Source of seven essential vitamins and minerals
  • Only 50 calories per one-cup serving
  • Contains no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners

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Nestle® Nesquik® Chocolate-Flavored Powder (2.61 lb.) makes milk undeniably delicious while adding important vitamins and minerals to keep your body in great shape. This chocolate powder is Kosher and 99.99% caffeine-free, so it's safe for everyone in your household. So, make up a batch and bottoms up, because your entire family is likely to ask for more!

Is Nestle Nesquik Chocolate Good for Me?

Nestle's best cocoa powder is flavored with genuine cocoa and a single glass offers 30% of your daily recommended value of calcium. Seven essential vitamins and minerals are contained in this healthy chocolate powder, including vitamin C, thiamin, iron, manganese and more. It also provides eight grams of protein when combined with cold low-fat milk. Nestle Nesquik chocolate powder also has 45% less sugar than other leading syrup brands.

Tasty Nesquik Flavors

Children, teenagers, and adults alike will appreciate the chocolatey flavor of Nesquik. Even picky kids who refuse to drink milk may change their minds when presented with a glass of low-fat milk and Nestle Nesquik chocolate powder. With added vitamins and minerals, along with protein, you can breathe easy offering this beverage to anyone in your household. Every serving also contains only 50 calories so having a second glass isn't a problem.

Does Nestle Nesquik Chocolate-Flavored Powder Contain Artificial Sweeteners?

There are no artificial sweeteners in this cocoa powder, nor does it contain high-fructose corn syrup. The added color comes from entirely natural sources and no artificial flavors are used in Nestle Nesquik Chocolate-Flavored Powder.

Healthy Chocolate Powder

With this large container of 2.61 lbs. of chocolate powder, you'll be set for a good long time. It takes only two tablespoons with 8 oz. of low-fat milk to make a delicious drink that the whole family can enjoy. There's no need to stock up every week, this container is sure to last no matter how much your family loves it added to their milk.

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