Nature's Own Whitewheat is a best-selling sandwich bread and it's no surprise. This Nature's Own bread is not only a good source of fiber but also calcium. That's right, you can get 35% of your daily needed calcium by eating two slices of Nature's Own Whitewheat.

What Is the Best Bread for Diabetics?

The strict diet restrictions for an individual with diabetes can be hard to work with. Fortunately, one slice of Nature's Own Whitewheat is just fine for diabetics. One slice of bread can be made just as interesting as a sandwich with two slices by turning the slice into an open-faced sandwich.

Is Nature's Own Bread Considered Low Sugar Bread?

Yes. Although Nature's Own bread does not make it on the list of low-sodium bread brands, it is a low-sugar bread brand.

How Does Nature's Own Butter Bread Compare to Nature's Own Whitewheat Bread?

Nature's Own Butter Bread and Nature's Own Whitewheat are both delicious; however, Nature's Own Butter Bread does not have any calcium. If you want to skip your glass of milk for the day, it is probably best to opt for Nature's Own Whitewheat.

Can I Use Whitewheat to Make French Toast?

Yes. Whitewheat has a slightly sweet taste with a soft texture. This goes well with the hints of vanilla and cinnamon found in French toast.

Can I Spread Peanut Butter on Nature's Own Bread Without Toasting It?

Nature's Own bread is soft but also stands up to the spreading of peanut butter and other sauces you might want on your sandwich.

How Can I Make Sure the Other Loaf in This Pack of Whitewheat Stays Fresh?

A good way to keep the bread you can't use right away fresh is to put it in the freezer the first day you get it. If you don't foresee using a loaf of bread immediately or need to finish off another loaf, the freezer is a good place to keep it. It is best to thaw the bread in the refrigerator.

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