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  • Flagship white bread recipe of Mrs. Baird's
  • Enriched with folic acid, calcium, iron, and essential B vitamins
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Mrs. Baird's Large White Bread is super smooth and soft, so you can make the tastiest sandwiches for everyone in your family on bread that they'll love. The bread is the foundation of any sandwich, so why not start with a delicious, quality foundation and build from there?

How Many Slices Are In One Loaf?

This loaf of Mrs. Baird's bread has about 18-20 slices in it. So you can make about 10 sandwiches with one loaf.

Is Mrs. Baird's Large White Bread Enriched With Anything?

This white bread recipe is the flagship recipe of Mrs. Baird's bakery. A lot of attention and energy has gone into perfecting this white bread. Mrs. Baird's adds folic acid, calcium, iron and B vitamins to enrich the bread with so that you can get additional nutrients and health benefits.

What Other Mrs. Baird's Goods Can I Look For?

Mrs. Baird's makes a number of baked goods. They have a line of hamburger buns and hot dog buns. They also have some sweet offerings like Cinnamon Roll, Honey Bun, Cups and Apple Pie.

What Else Can I Do With White Bread?

You can toast the bread and top it with peanut butter, hazelnut spread, butter or jam. You can use it in a closed or open-faced pulled meat sandwich. You can use it to whip up some amazing French toast in the morning. How about toasting it and topping it with Texas caviar? Bread pudding anyone? Or, go with the classics and make a grilled cheese or peanut butter and jelly sandwich. There are tons of things you can do with white bread that will make your taste buds happy.

Where Can I Find Mrs. Baird's White Bread?

This brand is not sold nationwide. You can find Mrs. Baird's in some Sam's Club stores that are located in certain regions of the country. It's also a local favorite in Texas, where the bread is made.

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