Backyard Discovery™ Monterey Cedar Swing/Play Set provides kids with a magnificent playground where they can climb, swing, slide, sit and play until their heart’s content. With two levels and two neat little hideouts, this play set will quickly become your children’s favorite getaway. Place one in your backyard and watch how active they become after finding out they have this entire play set to themselves.

What Features Does the Backyard Discovery Monterey Cedar Swing/Play Set Have?

The Backyard Discovery Monterey Cedar Swing/Play Set is a gem for kids who are filled with energy. Featuring several fun-filled activities, kids will be entertained for hours on end. Starting from the bottom, they have a nice outdoor swing set they can soar through the air with. It includes two regular swing seats and one unique ship’s wheel glider swing that can seat two kids at a time. On the opposite end, a 5-foot rock wall with oversized rocks allows kids to climb up to the second level. Or if they prefer, they can climb up the flat-step ladder instead to reach the tree house-inspired fort. This upper clubhouse features two knot holes for kids to peep out through. To get back down, they can walk out to the balcony and go for a thrill ride on the 10-foot wavy slide. After exploring around, an activity table and bench give them a shady spot to relax in and enjoy a snack before returning back to all the fun.

Is this Monterey Cedar Swing Play Set Safe?

When it comes to this play set, safety is its number one priority after the fun. Thanks to its full cedar construction, this play set is specially designed to handle rough play. Each plank of wood has also been tested for durability and has shown a strong resistance to decay to ensure long-lasting use. In addition, this play set is resistant to cracks as well because of its small, tight knot structures. Along with the solid material, the playset contains convenient safety features such as metal handrails and flat steps to assist them as they climb up. Each entry and exit point also features a curved arch to keep little heads from being bumped.

More Kids, More Fun

The Monterey Cedar Swing Play Set is built to handle up to nine kids at a time. So invite your family members or kid’s friends over for a playful day at the backyard clubhouse. Perfect for having children bond together, you and other parents will have an even better time watching them get along. Whether they’re swinging together with smiles on their faces, having a chat over lunch at the table, challenging each other to see who can climb the rock wall the fastest or playing a simple game of tag, the more kids there are, the more fun there is.

Who Makes this Monterey Cedar Swing Play Set?

This Monterey Cedar Swing Play Set is made by the company Backyard Discovery which specializes in wooden swing sets, play sets and playhouses. They also provide backyard leisure products for adults to enjoy. In business for more than 30 years, they quickly became one of the leading manufacturers of wooden swing sets in the United States. With such immense experience, you can count on their team of innovators and specialists to bring you a play set you and your children will be proud of as well.

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