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Leave your home sparkling clean with the Monster SC60 Steam Cleaner.
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Use this extremely versatile cleaner as a canister or as a portable steam cleaner. The super-heated dry steam cleans efficiently leaving minimal moisture which quickly evaporates leaving your home sparkling clean.

The Monster SC60 is small and lightweight, but very powerful. Its 1450W stainless steel boiler generates steam at 3.8 bar (55PSI) pressure and a temperature of 250°. The boiler's 40 oz. water capacity will give steam for up to 60 minutes, and the Monster SC60 is ready to use in just six minutes (less if filled with warm water). Refilling is quick and easy, with just five minutes cooling down time required. The safety filler cap cannot be unfastened accidentally.

A full set of steam accessories is included, making Monster SC60 versatile enough for any task. Steam clean your hard floors and carpets, clean your kitchen and bathroom, degrease your oven and stove, clean your windows, defrost your fridge or freezer, freshen up your baby's nursery and your pet's bedding, spot clean stains on carpets and upholstery, clean jewelry and clean and deodorize boots and trainers. As you start to use this exciting cleaner you will find many other things you can do, making it an indispensable part of your cleaning routine.

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