This Monroe Pushback Recliner can add a touch of sophistication and class to your living space, making it appear even more glamorous almost instantly. Many of Sam's Club's customers claim that this item is perfect for lounging after a long, hard day. You can collapse into the softness and watch your favorite movie, or you can curl up with a good book and enjoy a soothing evening. Also, you can use this Monroe Pushback Recliner to take a mid-day nap so that you can regain the energy that you need to complete your most important tasks. If you're looking to give your friend, brother, sister or cousin a fantastic gift, then this can be an excellent option that they'll appreciate.

Why Use This Monroe Pushback Recliner?

This Monroe Pushback Recliner consists of plush leather upholstery and intricate stitching that's eye-catching, but also durable enough to resist wear and last longer than alternatives. It contains a simple pushback mechanism that allows you to adjust the position of the chair until it's perfect for you. This feature is superb because it enables anyone to modify the Monroe Pushback Recliner so that it's comfortable and relaxing. Due to this, your children, siblings or parents can enjoy this product just like you can. This recliner has 1.8 high-density foam cushions that offer a pleasant combination of support and comfort.

What Looks Good with This Monroe Pushback Recliner?

Thanks to its fabulous design, this Monroe Pushback Recliner is compatible with a wide range of colors, decorations and pieces of furniture. The dark brown on the chair contrasts beautifully with light colors, including beige, off-white, bone, sand or taupe. It also looks great with darker colors like navy, maroon or gray. Pairing this with other furniture can grab attention and compliments from almost anyone. Placing this next to bright, radiant rugs can be attractive as well.

About the Company

The Monroe Pushback Recliner comes from Abbyson Living, which is a company that focuses on producing premium quality furniture that consumers cherish. At Abbyson Living, you can find several different items that can transform your home. For instance, here, you can get dining room essentials like tables, chairs and barstools. You can also find living room necessities like sofas, loveseats, chairs, recliners and futons. Also, you can get bed sets, headboards and nightstands, which are perfect for the bedroom. You can purchase mirrors, lamps and chandeliers as well. The company's goal is to constantly update its products so that they're always stylish and on-trend. It's passionate about offering high-quality goods at an affordable price, which can be convenient for people all across the country. Abbyson Living also aspires to improve local communities through various donations, programs and helpful services.

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