Keep your little angel clean and happy with Member's Mark® Premium Fragrance-Free Baby Wipes. An essential for moms and dads, these alcohol-free wipes come in a pack with a convenient one-touch press-open lid for easy access.

    Why Use Member's Mark Premium Fragrance-Free Baby Wipes?

    Member’s Mark baby wipes are textured for tough messes, allowing for effective cleaning. They’re unscented and hypoallergenic, reducing the risk of allergies with little ones as well as making them suitable for different skin types. Tested by dermatologists, they’re also free of chlorine, dyes, alcohol and phthalates.

    Premium Strength and Versatile Baby Wipes

    Featuring an innovative three-layer design, these fragrance-free wipes offer premium softness and strength while being incredibly gentle on the skin. The third layer is extra strong to prevent tearing while the outer two layers are textured and exceptionally soft for gentle, effective cleaning. They’re a superior choice for almost any bathroom cabinet, diaper bag and changing table. Keep your kids clean and happy while indoors or outdoors.

    Easily Disposable

    Enjoy a no-fuss clean in seconds. Simply use and discard. Member’s Mark baby wipes are unscented, which makes them good for almost everyone, including adults. And with more than 1,000 wipes, this pack lasts a while.

    Can Member's Mark Baby Wipes Be Used on All Surfaces?

    Member's baby wipes are designed for use on the skin, but they can also be used for other light cleaning tasks. Use them to remove eye makeup or wipe away grime. They also come in handy to get rid of excess tanning lotion or hair dye stains. Member's Mark fragrance-free wipes can also be used to clean household dust, get rid of dirt on shoes, clean plastic toys or to even wipe down your yoga mat.

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