Member's Mark™ Whole Kernel Sweet Corn (15.25 oz., 12 ct.) is a great product to have in any kitchen. Because this purchase comes with 12 cans, it would also be very handy to have in a food service kitchen since the corn is already cooked. Grown in the USA, this sweet corn is harvested at the peak of flavor. 

Bulk Case of Sweet Corn

This package of canned sweet corn comes in a case of 12 cans. Each can weighs 15.25 oz. The whole box weighs 11.4 lbs. Cans of whole kernel corn are a great staple to have in the kitchen pantry because there are so many dishes that it can be used for. Commercial kitchens and caterers will love the bulk buy. For the convenience of the buyer, each can has an easy pull top so that no can opener is needed.

What to Use Member’s Mark Whole Kernel Sweet Corn For

Member’s Mark Whole Kernel Sweet Corn has a variety of uses. Make up quick side dishes by mixing it with melted butter, diced red peppers or other vegetables. Add it to soup or a casserole. It can also be added to recipes like quesadillas, soups and tacos to add interest and flavor. 

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