The 7.5' Douglas Fir Twinkly Christmas Tree is the perfect addition to the holidays. It comes with the Quick Set® light technology as well as 2,541 Simple Shape memory wire branch tips, allowing setup to be done in a matter of minutes. The tree is also pre-lit with 390 indoor Twinkly™ RGB lights. Twinkly™ lights allow you to completely customize the lights with different effects and music simply by using an app on your phone.

The app is able to detect the exact position of every single LED through your smartphone camera. After you are done decorating, simply snap a photo in the app to map your environment and create breathtaking effects with perfection and ease.

Choose from a huge gallery of eye-catching effects and light up your Christmas with unique animations. Each effect can be easily customized by changing the speed, colors and other key parameters of the animation. You can easily create your own custom effects as well. Choose the color you like and draw whatever your imagination desires. This tree also comes with a sturdy metal stand, ensuring the tree is safe and doesn't tip over. It also comes with a tree bag for easy storage during the off-season.

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