Maxx Ice Hotel Ice Dispensers deliver high-capacity storage and an easy-to-use ice dispenser solution. The MIDX200 will fit any 30" modular ice maker including the entire range of Maxx Ice Modular Ice Makers (available with various ice production capacities to suit your needs). These dispensers feature easy-to-use push-button operation and a lift wheel agitation/dispensing system to prevent ice clumping.

Maxx Ice air-cooled modular ice makers will produce up to 373 to 500 pounds of ice per day (depending on the model and under the right conditions). Stainless-steel exterior construction provides durability to a low-maintenance unit that is easy to clean. A vertical evaporator and proven ice-making technology provide years of reliable ice production. This model can be stacked for even more ice production. The front panel is hinged for easy servicing. This space-saving and energy-efficient model also fits on most drink dispensers (fountain ice/soda stations in the kitchen or lobby areas). New solid-state controls with screen display show the ice-maker status and alert the operator when servicing is needed.

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