Introducing the first wireless Bluetooth® neckband and wireless audio streamer kit that lets you hear and adjust both internal audio AND outside sounds. With Lucid Audio’s exclusive AMPED™ Smart Technology, you can amplify conversations and the important sounds around you, all while enjoying high-quality music, media and calls.

Enjoy television, music and movies at the exact volume you prefer while others stay comfortable too. Plus your neckband can be enjoyed on the go, for amplification of conversation and ambient outside sounds, or listening to music and media or taking calls. Includes omnidirectional microphones and volume controls, giving you total command of the music, calls AND the ability to amplify external sounds up to 9x. The flexible, lightweight design (1.6 oz.) is durable and makes a great gift for runners, cyclists and fitness athletes of all ages. The neckband comes with an accessory soft case and multiple comfort earbud tips.

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