The Lifesmart 1160 Wood Pellet Grill is an ideal choice for a BBQ. The precision digital temperature control allows you to set the temperature in 1-degree increments, measure the actual inside cooking temperature and hold that temperature. The dual rack cooking surface totals 1100 sq. in. for entertaining, while a unique octagon-shaped lid provides more headroom and internal space for smoking larger cuts of meat. The fast-light ceramic ignition system is convenient so you can get started cooking sooner.

How Many Pounds of Pellets Does this Grill Hold?

The Lifesmart 1160 holds 30 pounds of wood pellets (wood pellets not included). Easy to use, and with delicious results, this all-natural, wood pellet-fueled grill gives genuine wood-fired flavor to everything from burgers to briskets. The temperature range is 190 degrees to 500 in 5-degree increments and it's accurate to within a degree with the PID controller. With its high-temperature powder-coated steel construction and large hopper, the Lifesmart 1160 Wood Pellet Grill lets you grill, barbecue, bake and more. And it’s designed to give you high-quality results, every time.


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