Lick Stix Candy Suckers 7 Assorted Flavors (1,440 ct.) are a fun treat for your employees, co-workers, students and more who need a little sweetness in their life.

    Who Is Office Snax®?

    Office Snax provides healthy packaged snack foods and beverages that are developed for today’s work environment. It doesn't matter whether it’s your break room, your board room or your reception desk, it is always a soft token to others to have a healthy snack box ready. Office Snax is the brand of choice in the majority of national office products catalogs because they know the office industry better than the competition. Office Snax was founded by two industry veterans and in total, they have a combined 50 years experience in office products. These items are proven sellers in the fastest growing category in the business, this means no guessing on quality anymore. For amazing and affordable office snacks you are in the right place.

    About Lick Stix Candy Suckers 7 Assorted Flavors

    These individually wrapped candy suckers are available in seven assorted fruit flavors. Your staff or co-workers can choose from popular and beloved tastes like strawberry, grape, apple, lemon, orange and more! There is a flavor for everyone to delight in so no one feels left out.

    Why Pick Lick Stix Candy Suckers 7 Assorted Flavors?

    This snack box full of low-calorie suckers makes it easy for on-the-go lifestyles and demanding work environments that have increased the need for convenience in their workplaces. Office Snax provides employees with packaged snack options and beverages in an inexpensive, yet highly effective way to show appreciation to a hard-working staff. Use these suckers as a token of appreciation for staff and workers who have shown excellent drive and skill. It may seem small but this positive enforcement will create a better working environment and help your employees be inspiring to succeed.

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