The fast pace of today's world makes it where any bit of convenience we can get is easily appreciated by most of us. The Lenovo® 10" Smart Display with the Google Assistant™ and Google Mini™ (Choose Color Style) can add some convenience into your day and make some of your routines a little bit easier and less time-consuming.

What Is the Lenovo 10" Smart Display with the Google Assistant and Google Mini?

The Lenovo Smart Display is a smart speaker device that has a touchscreen built into it. The touchscreen can be voice-activated through the Google Assistant. The Google Mini and the Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant work together to essentially give you a Lenovo Google Assistant.

What Can I Do with the Lenovo 10" Smart Display with the Google Assistant and Google Mini?

The Lenovo Google Assistant Smart Display lets you display what you want on the screen by giving the device voice commands. You can make video calls from this device that are displayed with very high-quality imaging. You can also watch any of your favorite YouTube videos or look through your Google Photos right on the Lenovo Google Smart Display. The device makes it easy to control all of your Smart home devices too. Turn lights and other electrical home appliances on and off simply by telling your Smart Display Google Assistant to do it. The Lenovo Smart Display 10" puts the control of your home on a whole different level of ease.

Where Would I Put the Google Lenovo Smart Display?

The Google Assistant Smart Display doesn't need a lot of room. The design is also perfect for fitting into just about any kind of decor. This device isn't going to look like a big, bulky appliance that is taking over the room. So really you can put it anywhere on a countertop or shelf that is in a place where you would make video calls from or watch your favorite entertainment videos. It's really good for pulling up recipes, daily traffic reports, weather forecasts and anything else you'll want to know before stepping out the door for the day too.

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