When is the last time you found yourself looking for some pliers or a screwdriver? Have you ever been away from your toolbox and desperate for wire-cutters? What about all the times you need a flat head but you can only find a Phillips? Tool emergencies come in all shapes and sizes, but this Leatherman Wave Multi-tool Gift Set will leave you prepared for whatever problems life throws at you. Not only do you get the definitive multi-tool in the 17-function Wave, you also get a handy pocket tool in the Style CS as well as the 42-function Bit Kit that turns your Wave into a problem solving machine. Last but not least, the Piranha 2 Pocket Tool is the perfect problem-solving companion to carry with you every day. The Leatherman Wave is the culmination of over three decades of research and product development by Portland, Oregon-based engineers and experts. Now you will never leave the house without your toolbox!

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