For a refreshing beverage with lots of taste but not the calories, LaCroix Sparkling Water Variety Pack is a healthy and naturally delicious alternative to sweetened beverages. An American favorite with a cult following for over 30 years, LaCroix Curate uses natural fruit essence to flavor its beverages without adding calories for a superb flavored sparkling water. With double the size of the generic LaCroix, this bulk ordering option gives you great value to match LaCroix's great taste.

    What Flavors are Included in the LaCroix Sparkling Water Variety Pack?

    This LaCroix Variety Pack features three flavors. Each package contains 12 cans of Grapefruit flavor, six cans of Cran-Raspberry flavor and six cans of Berry flavor. With this assortment of fruit flavors, you can either change up your routine and rotate flavors or divvy up amongst your roommates or family based on everyone's different tastes.

    What Is in LaCroix Sparkling Water?

    The LaCroix Sparkling Water Variety Pack is a virtually guilt-free beverage. LaCroix sparkling water is 100% naturally flavored with fruit extracts, and free of artificial sweeteners and sugars. Additionally, LaCroix sparkling waters are gluten free, vegan, kosher and non-GMO. For this reason, LaCroix is a healthy alternative to diet sodas, which contain artificial sweeteners and colors.

    If you're deciding between sparkling water brands, LaCroix is a great decision. LaCroix derives its taste from the natural essential oils extracted from the named LaCroix fruit flavor. For this reason, LaCroix is a healthy alternative to diet soda, which is loaded with artificial sweeteners and colors. LaCroix is also sourced locally in the United States and is processed using triple filtration.

    LaCroix has a cult following for a reason—combining great taste with a guilt-free splurge, you can sip on these benefits throughout the day. Order this case of LaCroix beverages to hydrate with this citrus, calorie-free beverage.

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