Kevo is all about convenience. This fob is for use with the Kwikset Kevo Deadbolt. With this Kevo Fob, you can open your Kevo locks with Touch to Open convenience. Plus, you can set up multiple fobs to work with one lock. 

    To Enroll An Additional Kevo Fob:

    1. Use a ballpoint pen or paperclip to press the enroll button on the new Kevo fob. The Kevo fob's LED will begin to blink green.

    2. Push the Program button on the back panel of Kevo.

    3. Hold the new Kevo fob close against the back of the panel. The Kevo fob’s LED will begin to blink faster.

    4. Once the Kevo fob’s LED turns solid green, the Kevo fob has been enrolled successfully.

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