Cheez-It® Halloween Fun Packs (.38oz., 70ct.), are individual pouches of baked snack crackers that are made with 100% real cheese.

Delicious Snack Crackers

A crispy, crunchy snack, Cheez-it crackers are made with real cheese and baked snack crackers. Cheez-it baked snack crackers are made in the USA and a great way to enjoy a snack. Each box of Cheez-It Halloween Fun Packs contains 70 individual pouches, so the crackers always stay fresh, crispy and delicious. Take a few with you wherever you go and snack on Cheez-it crackers whenever you get that craving for cheese.

So Convenient, You'll Always Want To Have Some On Hand

Cheez-It Halloween Fun Packs are a favorite Halloween treat and you've probably been adding them to lunch boxes for years. Cheez-It Halloween Fun Packs are also great to take along on family picnics and road trips. Keep a few pouches in the cupboard for after-school snacks.

Adding Cheez-It Snack Crackers To Recipes

Try crumbling up a pouch of Cheez-it snack crackers and sprinkling them on top of hot mac-and-cheese. You can also put a handful of Cheez-It crackers on top of a steaming hot bowl of tomato soup. You can always find new ways to enjoy Cheez-It Halloween Fun Packs.

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