The Instant Pot Cooking Accessory Set includes 3 pieces; 1-stainless-steel cook pan with a removable divider and silicone snap-fit lid, 1-silicone steamer basket and 1-silicone egg rack. The stainless-steel cook pan includes a removable divider and a snap-fit silicone lid with a pressure release tab. It is nonstick for the smooth release of delicious baked goods and can also be used in traditional ovens. The silicone steamer basket has high walls that keep contents away from water allowing food to steam not boil, while handles allow for stable transfer. The silicone egg rack holds up to 9 eggs and keeps them steady during and after boiling. The rack can also double as a trivet.

The Instant Pot Baking Accessory Set includes 4 pieces; 1-nonstick springform pan, 1-nonstick fluted cake pan and 1- silicone egg bites with lid. The springform pan and fluted cake pan are nonstick for a smooth release of delicious baked goods. The cake pan can be used in traditional ovens in addition to the Instant Pot. The Egg bites tray with lid is great for baking egg bites, muffins, steamed eggs, yogurt, cupcakes, ice cream and more. Tray and lid may be used as a food storage container in refrigerator and freezer perfect for meal prep or saving leftovers. The silicone tray is microwave and oven safe and flexible enough to easily pop the food out.

We also have a Ninja Foodi Grill.

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