iKlip Studio is a sturdy desktop stand for iPad and other 10" tablets, designed to hold your device steady while using a variety of music, gaming and other apps. With an adjustable angle and no-slip rubber base, even heavy-handed users can now use multi-touch gestures without worrying about your device slipping around or having to hold the device.

For musicians, iKlip Studio allows you to use your iPad as a seamless part of your existing studio. Keep your device positioned at the ready for use as a control surface, instrument, display and more, without worrying about it sliding mid- performance.

For gamers, iKlip Studio allows even the most furious of pounding without needing to cradle your iPad in your lap. Prevent wrist or neck strain by positioning your device on a desk or table.

For all users, iKlip Studio’s foldable design lets it slip into your existing iPad or laptop bag for use on the go. Its stylish, minimalist design allows you to use your iPad anywhere, from home to the office to on the road.

Designed and made in Italy, iKlip Studio offers a stylish minimalist design and is made of rugged thermoplastic for reliability.

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