Put away the vacuum forever and have cleaner floors with the push of a button when you own iClebo Omega™ Robotic Vacuum Cleaning Robot, White. This incredible robot vacuum cleaner is a powerful little device that scoots across your floors and sucks up dust, dirt and other debris whether on carpets or hard surfaces.

About the iClebo Omega Robotic Vacuum Cleaning Robot

iClebo Omega is the intelligent cleaning device that has effective suctioning power, state-of-the-art navigation sensors and V6 blades that prevent jamming. It safely and effectively cleans your carpets, tile, marble and hardwood floors and is petite in size to handle difficult to maneuver spots with ease. The iClebo Omega automatic vacuum cleaner is now equipped with a suction that has 110x more power than previous editions and a motor that’s made for cleaning job after cleaning job. Besides functioning as a robot vacuum cleaner, iClebo Omega’s two-in-one system serves as a mop for hardwood, marble and tile flooring.

Who Needs an Automatic Vacuum Cleaner?

Anyone who wants freedom from easily the most annoying household chores. With a robot vacuum cleaner, you can program it and forget it while it does its thing. For anyone with pets, the nightmare that’s loose pet hair covering the entire house is now over, as iClebo Omega automatic vacuum cleaner has navigational cameras and 19 detection sensors to easily spot and suck up every trace hair and furball.

Is iClebo Omega Robotic Vacuum Cleaning Robot a Good Gift?

Yes. Once you try this robot vacuum cleaner for yourself, you’ll want everyone you know to have one for their home. iClebo Omega robot vacuum cleaner is a top-rated product and the modern solution for tackling an age-old problem that doesn’t deserve a second thought.

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