Fill your outdoor space with warmth and ambience when you choose Honeywell® 24' Commercial-Grade LED Indoor/Outdoor String Lights. These charming string lights offer a warm amber glow and are perfect for use inside and outside. They’re incredibly easy to install and allow you to mount them in any way you see fit, whether for permanent or temporary display.

Great for Restaurants, Stores or at Home

The Honeywell LED String Lights are great for anyone who is looking for a convenient and appealing solution to their lighting needs. These Honeywell LED lights can be used outside your home for when you’re entertaining on warm summer nights or as a commercial lighting option for restaurants, shops and more. They replicate a retro café-style light that would illuminate sidewalk cafés in Paris. Yet they also offer you the modern functionality and efficiency you need to make them a smart option as well as an aesthetically-pleasing one.

There are so many great uses for these Honeywell LED lights! Some of our favorite ideas include:

  • Strung along dining patios at restaurants to enhance the ambience
  • Brought along on camping trips to help illuminate the campsite
  • To add to the romantic atmosphere at wedding receptions, both indoors and outdoors
  • To light up gazebos and pergolas at special outdoor events
  • In the home for a warm and energy-efficient lighting option
  • Along your home’s deck or patio to ensure the fun continues after the sun sets
  • At food truck dining areas
  • Above water features in public spaces
  • Above vendor stands during sidewalk shopping events

Whether it’s for personal or commercial uses, this special Honeywell lighting is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests that’s as warm as the lighting itself.

What are the Specifics on These LED Party Lights?

This 2 pack set of 24-foot string lights includes 12 vintage-style LED acrylic bulbs that are designed to be shatter-resistant and withstand the natural elements when hung outdoors. Its heavy-duty cord is rated for commercial use, while these waterproof LED lights are backed by a five-year manufacturer’s warranty, so you know you’ll enjoy them for years to come. You can easily hook up multiple sets of string lights together if desired, helping you illuminate vast spaces fast and easy. You can also choose how you wish to mount these. Mounting hardware is not included, so you can choose to use traditional hammer and nails or less permanent options.

Are String Lights Energy Efficient?

These LED party lights are sure to save you energy costs over other commercial lighting options. Though they provide a robust 30 lumens per bulb and 540 lumens per string, they use minimal power at only nine watts per string. Each string has a male and female end and only requires one outlet to connect up to 50 sets, giving you 1200-feet of lighting per outlet. You’ll be amazed at how efficiently they operate, especially considering the ambience and quality of the light they provide.

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