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Albuquerque Tortilla Homestyle Flour Tortillas (54oz)

by Gruma Corporation |
Item # 359489

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About this item

  • Perfect for any Tex-Mex or Mexican food
  • 10% daily value of calcium and iron
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Albuquerque Tortilla Homestyle Flour Tortillas are real, authentic and local tortillas, perfect in addition to any authentic Mexican food or Tex-Mex recipe. Heat them up on the stove with a squeeze of lime or lemon to use as the base for your savory Mexican foods or with cinnamon sugar and a drizzle of honey for a sweet treat. There's really no wrong way to enjoy tortilla bread goodness.

Are Tortillas Good For You?

Tortillas contribute to a recommended daily grain intake and contain essential nutrients like fiber, vitamins and minerals. The dietary fiber is a carbohydrate important to digestive function. It fights constipation and diseases, including diabetes and heart disease. Consuming a 12-inch tortilla generally boosts your fiber intake by an average of 2.7 grams. Iron in tortillas benefits circulation and hemoglobin production, while niacin helps to support your metabolism and convert carbohydrates and proteins into usable energy for your body.

What is Enriched Wheat?

To make white flour for breads or products like Albuquerque Homestyle Flour Tortillas, manufacturers remove the outer coating, or the bran, and the germ of the wheat kernel. What's left is the endosperm, the inside of the kernel, which is then ground into a fine, white flour. Bread makers replace many of the nutrients lost during this milling process while they're preparing the dough in an effort to make sure that it contains the same nutrients as those found in whole-wheat bread doughs.

Though the calcium, phosphorus, thiamine, niacin and vitamin E are almost fully replaced during the enriching process, makers also add vitamin A and riboflavin but do not replace the fiber lost during the milling. These nutrients are members of the B vitamin group. Thiamine helps with normal nervous system functioning. Riboflavin promotes healthy vision, provides energy and promotes healthy skin. Niacin helps you to properly digest foods and helps to maintain a normal appetite and nervous system.

What's in Them?

Albuquerque Homestyle Flour Tortillas are made with ingredients including enriched and bleached wheat flour, water, vegetable shortening and less than 2% salt, leavening, preservatives, rice flour and dough conditioners.

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