Nickles Country Style Honey Buns (12 ct.)

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  • 12-count sandwich buns
  • Best burger buns that add a touch of sweetness
  • Use wherever you use other kinds of buns
  • Smooth, sweet taste that is unique
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Sometimes a sandwich just needs a little sweetness added to it. Nickles Country Style Honey Buns (12 ct.) add that perfect touch of sweetness to any sandwich you make. They're made with real honey so you get a rich, smooth, sweet taste in your bread to complement the flavors you've stacked on the bun.

Is There a Lot of Sugar in Nickles Country Style Honey Buns?

No, there is not. One serving of these Honey Buns, which is one complete bun, has only 4 grams of sugar. The sweetness is provided by the real honey that gets poured into the dough during the process of making the bread.

Where Can I Find Nickles Country Style Honey Buns For Sale?

You may not be able to find these Honey Buns in every part of the United States, but they are sold in some Sam's Club stores, at a value Honey Bun price, in various regions of the country. If you want to know where to buy Honey Buns located the closest to you, contact your local Sam's Club for assistance.

What's In the Honey Bun Recipe?

The Nickles Country Style Honey Buns recipe includes wheat flour that is enriched with some good minerals. The star of the recipe ingredients, though, is the real honey they use to make these buns taste unique and delicious.

Are These Honey Buns Good For Any Kind of Sandwich You Would Use Other Buns For?

You can use this kind of buns anywhere you would use a different kind of bun. The best burger buns can be used in many different ways. You won't be limited by the sweetness in this bread. You'll be empowered. You'll be able to elevate your sandwiches and burgers to a different level. You can use them for burgers, paninis, cold-cut sandwiches, veggie sandwiches, sloppy joe-like sandwiches and any other kind of sandwich you can come up with.

Is This Nickles' Only Hamburger Bun Recipe?

No, not at all. Nickles has a whole line of hamburger buns. Some of their other varieties include Sesame Hamburger Buns, Regular Hamburger Buns and Seeded Kaiser Buns.

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