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HeaterMeals EX Self-Heating Entrée Pallet - 720 pk.

by HeaterMeals |
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One pallet of HeaterMeals EX Self-Heating Entrees is designed for extended storage of up to five years with no refrigeration required and supplies a family of four with three main hot entrées per person for 60 days. The food in HeaterMeals EX entrees is formulated for a wide array of diets. There is a vegetarian entree, two lower sodium entrees, and an entree with only 3 grams of sugar.
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View a preview of this product

One pallet holds 60 cases of 12 Assorted HeaterMeals® EX lunch and dinner entrées for a total of 720 main hot entrées. HeaterMeals® EX Entrées are nutritionally-designed for all family members, from children to seniors.

The food in HeaterMeals® EX entrées is formulated for a wide array of diets. There is a vegetarian entrée, two lower sodium entrées, and an entrée with only three grams of sugar. HeaterMeals® EX entrées provide no trans fats, less fat and cholesterol content, and contain 40% to 70% less sodium than other emergency meal options.

The food is fully cooked, safety-sealed in a four-layer foil pouch and heated again under pressure to assure a safe, easy-to-store meal. The process is similar to canning, but uses a more modern package. No preservatives are added.

The result is extended storage without refrigeration and a ready-to-eat meal that retains its natural moisture, texture and taste.

HeaterMeals® EX offer a shelf life of three to five years when stored properly and are a simple solution for long-term emergency planning. Each HeaterMeals® EX entrée includes: a self-heating entree, seasonings, spoon, napkin, moist towelette and serving tray.

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